Beach Pictures and Info

The Beach 

The sand on the beach is known as sugar sand.  Due to the prevailing winds and currents, this part of Western Michigan has a very fine grain sand.  There are very few rocks and plants in the water.  There are also a series of natural sand bars that act as a natural barrier and helps to make the water a little safer for young children.




Quiet & Peaceful

The beach is private and has very little traffic.  Each property has approximatly 100 feet of lake front in the private community of Little Point Sable.  You will commonly see walkers "combing" the beach.  The nearest public beach is miles away. 






Steps to the Beach

The lakehouse is built on the edge of a bluff over looking Lake Michigan.  The bluff in front is fairly short compared to many cottages.  It's 2 flights of stairs from the main level deck down to the beach.  It is only one flight down from the lower level where the out-door shower, garage, refrigerator, and beach towel dryer is located.    There is a light switch, bench and room to store beach chairs at the bottom of the steps.  


Outdoor shower - hot and cold with a footwash.  Very handy to rinse off the all the sand and to warm up after a swim or cool down after a long run.


The Lighthouse 

A favorite activity is to walk  (or sail or paddle) down to the lighthouse.  On certain weekends you can actually climb to the top.  The picture below was taken in July of 2006 from the top.  The walk is approximately 1.5 miles north of our lakehouse. 

Little Point Sable or Little Sable Point???

You will find conflicting names of the area.  We prefer Little point sable or LPS.  The lakehouse has several maps on the walls that we have collected; some that are well over 100 years old and that even have big point sable and little point sable reversed.   Below is a link to a website that has useful history of the Little Point Sable Lighthouse.  Link to lighthouse history

Lakehouse view from the waters edge looking East

The house is located on a 20 foot bluff overlooking the beach.  Due to erosion concerns we keep the vegetation growth up as much as possible on the bank.   At the bottom of the steps there is a light switch, bench and landing for towels and beach chairs.  At the top of the steps is an outdoor shower (with hot water!) to wash off the sand.